Spring is here

Spring that time of the year when everything is revitalized as are us fishermen, we have been cooped up all winter patiently awaiting Spring and why? Because that’s the time of year the days grow longer, the temperatures start to warm and the Bait starts it’s annual Migration back to the inside waters from the Gulf Of Mexico and the Speckled Trout won’t be far behind. For us fishermen, this is one of the best times of the year to be on the water when we can feed the fish Exactly what they want live Shrimp under a Popping Cork while fishing on top of an Oyster Bed and in the open bays that are scattered across our vast estuary. What an exciting time to be on the water the Red Fish will be feeding as well so come join us as we start our annual quest for some of Louisiana’s most sought after game fish Speckled Trout and Red Fish with live bait.

Tight Lines

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