Fall fishing is upon us

Fall fishing is upon us and I can’t think of a better time to fish other then Springtime the Top Water bite will be in full swing as the water temperatures drop into the mid to lower 70’s and we all know how much fun that is working working that favorite bait across that grass flat when all of a sudden there’s a massive explosion on the water. Your heart rate increases as the fight begins and now it’s a test of Wills and Skills as that Bronze Back Beauty slashes from slide to slide pulling drag trying to shake the set of trouble hooks attached to that Mullet Profile bait she just wasn’t going to let  escape.

Fish are going to react to the changes in water temperatures like we do to the air temperature because cooler water holds more Dissolved Oxygen and they are more comfortable chasing bait. There’s a whole other life cycle fixing to take place in the marsh and if your lucky enough to take part in it I suggest you do so.

The fishing is going to be Fast And furious in the coming months until the water temperatures drop into the low 60’s and we really start to slow things down. So get out there and enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family and remember to take a child fishing every chance you get they are the future of the sport of fishing.


“You Got To Hook Dat To Cook Dat”

Tight Lines



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