Fishing For Redfish

Charter Fishing for Redfish in Southern Louisiana

March, 2019


If you enjoy any cuisine that has redfish in it, no doubt you’ve asked yourself where it’s from and how to catch one. Redfish will give you a great fight, especially when they dart at beguiling speeds. It’s a fact that redfish are quite popular in Louisiana but you’ll probably need strong tools to make sure they end on the dinner table. If you’re looking for a fishing charter that catches an abundance of redfish, contact us today!

History Of The Redfish In Louisiana.

This species of fish is also called the Red Drum and are easy differentiate from other fish or species like the black drum. With a long body and apparent lack of chin barbels coupled with an obvious black spot on either side of the tail, they’re hard to miss. They also possess no stripes on their robust and moderately compressed body. They appear naturally in along a number of coast and locations like the coasts of Texas Alabama, Florida and Louisiana.

Redfish are particularly found In waters with salinity and extending to freshwater that could reach at least 50 feet deep. The coast of Louisiana offers this habitat hence the vast number of redfish found. Also, the condition of the water affects the color of the redfish. Whether it’s muddy, salty or fresh, expect a variation in color. Younger fish may prefer water with little salinity while older fish could be found offshore in waters with high salinity.

In Louisiana and some other coastal areas, the older redfish spawn close to the shorelines from around mid-August to mid-October. A female lays about 1.5 million eggs per batch which incubated for 24 hours. The young can grow to about 0.6mm per day. From the coastal waters, they roam into coastal rivers and creeks at any time of year, and in winter swarm into them. This is because temperatures drop and get colder, so they have to seek warmer waters. This is an ideal time to go redfish fishing.

Popularity Of The Redfish

Redfish is so popular because it is one of the most sought-after fish in Louisiana. it makes for great meals with several ‘hard to resist’ cuisines that can be lined up with it. If you want the adrenaline rush, head to the water and see a school of redfish swirling around. They are probably feeding and you could take a cue from that and lay down your bait for a huge catch. They are powerful though and will provide a healthy challenge to anyone willing to put up a fight.

Their popularity means they are well regulated by the Louisiana state. A genuine reason for such regulation stems from the fact that the redfish takes about 4 years to reach 30 inches in length. These juvenile redfish live in the brackish estuaries and feed on shrimp, mollusks, crabs, little fish and other things they can catch. When they approach 4 years, the redfish migrate offshore to join spawning populations where they continue to grow to more than 30 pounds. It’s interesting to note they can survive for 20 years or more. Louisiana, like other states with redfish, aims to protect these spawning adults from being harvested. A part of the regulation is using a slot sizing scale to determine which redfish may be kept. A redfish that doesn’t meet the requirements is let off back into the waters.

Another area redfish has gained popularity is with sight fishing done along oyster beds and in clear water shallows. Our charter boat is equipped with everything you need to have an awesome time fishing in Southern Louisiana. With fishing poles in tow, let’s start your fishing adventure. The weight of the bait depends on depth of water and tidal waves. However, you want to be careful not to scare the redfish away.

Redfish are also eager to attack artificial lures which makes them all the more popular. You can tip these artificial lures with live baits like shrimps. It’s great in shallows and near drop-offs.

Dishes That Contain Redfish

Whole Grilled Redfish With Salsa Verde – If you haven’t tried this meal or at least given the recipe a shot, you’re missing quite a lot. The redfish is normally scaled with the insides clean to a hilt. It’s cooked for at least 35 to 40 minutes and is a favorite of many people on dates with that special person. The salsa Verde makes everything more enjoyable as the sauce is simply irresistible. It makes a compelling view when poured on the grilled redfish.

Redfish On The Half Shell – Redfish on the half shell is great when you’re tired of following routine by way of baking. This dish is often described as a Louisiana classic and it’s easy to see why. It’s an easy and fast way to serve the redfish. The fillets look enticing with the half shell on as well. It takes less than 25 minutes to prepare this delicacy, so let’s go fishing!

Grilled Redfish Crab Meat With Lemon Butter Sauce – When you think of this dish, you immediately imagine your favorite ingredients. Crab meat, butter sauce and redfish, where else can you get that combination? It has a refined and tasty nature to give you a divine taste you can savor for a while yet. It’s described as the ultimate of redfish dishes that leaves your head in ‘food clouds’.

Louisiana Redfish En Pallipote – With its fabulous looks and taste, you can’t help but give it a try. What’s more, it’s a Louisiana-inspired recipe so redfish should be hard to find! Redfish popularity doesn’t seem to wane. Not with the kind of recipes on offer and the fact that it’s available despite the regulations on it. So do well, to visit Louisiana for a shot at catching your own redfish!

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